Hiya Everybody –  Glad you are stopping by.  This site is about me and a few others writing about subjects that matter.   I am a person deeply interested in all things beautiful, dangerous, delicious, mysterious and just plain weird, and this site serves to reach out/entertain and elicit reaction from those of like mind.

I need to write instead of just talking about doing so, and this will be my forum. I adore the English language and there is a lot to write about.  In addition to writing about what invokes passion or strikes as particularly warranted, I’d like to provide links to exceptional music, really great food, astonishing visuals, whatever is moving or affecting.  And I’d like to invite other contributors.  Once you understand the feel and you think you’ve got great content, let me know and I’ll include it if it makes sense.  I will also be shamelessly peddling my work on the Romance page (romance at first, but then other genres) maybe a chapter at a time, but not immediately.  I want to take a lazy while to seduce my readers slowly so that the idea of paying for my words will be done eagerly and without hesitation.  At least that’s what I’m thinking today anyway.

I welcome comments and questions on all subjects.

Be Thee Well.