Writer and Editor in Chief:  :Narcissa-Christine: Lyons.

Contributing Writers to Date:  Mezmerelda, Christopher Rose

Mezmerelda – Mezmerelda lives in Vermont and won’t let me tell you much more.  She and I met in a writing class about a year ago and I told her of my writing endeavor.  Since she works full time as an “Automobile Expert” she can’t spend too much time writing, but is emphatic that it has to be erotica.  She has had her own sort of history that may or may not entwine itself into future posts but she is avidly seeking content that would be seen by the majority as racy and/or dicey behavior.  Her daytime career affords her the luxury of traveling more often than most of us which is ideal for a contributing writer and the fact that maybe erotica will vary country or worldwide just like accents!  That’s the hope anyway.  She is fond of cooking, long reads, mowing the lawn (I know!), jazz and well, sex.  She is funny and insightful, and I look forward to everything she has to convey.

Christopher Rose – Oh if I could meet him.  Dear Christopher hails from Australia and is another side writer.  He writes erotica on a regular basis, or more accurately porn, so I asked, in a tentative email, if he could tame it down and make it artistic.  He has sent me four submissions and I have published one.  Feisty mind that one, and the voice of scratchy anarchy the one time I talked to him.  Anyway, he’ll be providing the very occasional short story unless he gets better at editing or I find another writer.  Kidding, Christopher.  You are an enchanting soul and I hope you visit us in New England if you ever forgive the “ridiculous, messy, and mind ya luckless puritan bullshit”.    We’ll be here.

CONTACT: ifnotforpassion@gmail.com