By Mezmerelda

I finally have been able to attend my first erotica related event, and went with a new friend of mine about whom you may have now heard, Ángelita.  I had briefed her on the distance of the venue, and the content (demonstrations on fire and wax play), and we decided it was a good adventure for us each to seek our respective goals–me, a story, and her, well whatever might come along.

We wound up in the heart of a rather large town, and neither of us knew the town at all, or even any surrounding town, and after driving around a little to explore the area we were still uncertain as to the sketchiness/non-sketchiness of the area, but we decided we needed to find the address and just do it.  In a quirky section and amid two strange looking churches we found the building we had sought after some degree of confusion and parked.  Half jokingly I asked Ángelita if she had a gun. She said no but then took out a very respectable knife and said she’d been trained in its use.  This prompted nervous laughter, but none-the-less a sense of some kind of security.

And our fears were for naught.  We went up stairs by candlelight and a sweet chandelier, and at the top were greeted by a few hosts who checked us in, validated we were who we claimed, and that we were on the list.  There was a friendly ambience and a table of snacks, for after all the event was scheduled for a 5 hour span.  Since we were newcomers, a gentleman brought us around for a quick tour of the establishment and a provision of general rules.

The main room was dimly lit, large and open with several oriental rugs spread about, a corner lounge area, other chairs here and there for sitting or watching,  but the rest of the furnishings were about rope, chains, play mats, and other means be which to apply other stimulations.  David, our tour guide, showed us a few private rooms for those that wished to play without eyes on them.  There was also a “recovery” room furnished with soft couches, pillows and blankets for people to relax after a “scene” should they so need.  I’ll get to that later.  As far as rules: No nudity, no sex, and no talking to those in a scene.  You could only talk to those who were providing demonstrations.  He left us and we walked around, observing.

My main interest, other than the acquisition of information, was wax play.  I’ve dabbled and wanted to see just a little more, so I was a little disappointed the first show was to be on fire play.  Fire play?  Seriously?  Why would you ruin some perfectly good sex with getting important things burned?  I had told Ángelita as much.  But after witnessing what it really meant I was the first one to raise my hand for a personal demonstration.   I was asked to lean over a bar height bench, my shirt pushed down to allow maximum back coverage, and a woman who was able to keep her hands lit with fire massaged my back.  This is not an easy skill, to keep your hands lit, but she could transfer from one hand to the other as one hand got too hot.  It was an amazing massage, very hot, singing even, but it was not too much.  She had asked me what my safe word was and I said “how about don’t burn my hair” or “ow”.  No such safe words came from me even when she changed from her own hands to the fire stick itself rolling across my back (a stick with cloth soaked at the end that remained lit).  While this also felt good, it can’t beat human hands on fire, skin to skin.  Afterwards, my skin tingled, felt new, relaxed and alive.

From almost the beginning of our arrival and during my fire application came the sound of a woman crying out in pain.  She was in the open area so we knew it was she in the corner leaning over a leather device specifically for such entertainment.  The garment she wore was leather and thong-like so that the cheeks of her ass were exposed properly to the whipping she was receiving.  I think the duration may have been about 20 minutes in total, and when it was over the gentlemen who had accommodated her (one by her head so as to hear any safe words uttered, and one administering her desired punishment), gently walked her to the recovery area.  This is a fetish I do not yet understand, but it was perhaps the first of three such events during our two hour stay, so it will be part of future interviews and investigation.  The particular device on which she had leaned was next to a heavy chain spider web that spanned about 8′ across and 6′ high.  I could not take a picture and for the life of me could not find a picture on the web anywhere (pun intended).  We did not get to see this piece in practice, but my imagination and yours likely gets the gist.

In the center of the room was a rope play square where those that practice with rope (the art of Shibari or Kinbaku) were able to suspend themselves or others.  One woman, an extremely talented Shibari artist, knotted herself in several places and, upside down, performed beautiful twists and turns to rhythmic, pretty music.  It was enchanting.  We later learned she was an expert, and saw her assisting another with self tying.

This brings me to the highlight of the evening, which was when a gentleman approached us as we sat watching the wax demonstration.  He introduced himself as Gabriel, a rope “Top” (the roll of tying up an individual) and asked if one of us would like to be the “Bottom” (recipient).  As it happens, Ángelita is a fan of this art and volunteered.  We had already been sitting next to the mat where he would be practicing, until this point empty.

What I witnessed for the next 20 minutes was hypnotizing, not only because Gabriel was good at what he did, but because Ángelita was transfixed, overtaken, enraptured.  He told her to get on her knees and face any direction she chose, and she chose something halfway between the wall and me.  From the moment he knelt behind her and readied her for the experience, she let out gasps of anticipation, desire.  Her eyes were closed, her head tilted back, and then forward depending on where Gabriel positioned himself.  Initially ropes went round her waist, and then began placement of strategic ropes that crossed above and below her breasts, with the knots having to be tied at points on those very tight lines. The art of Shibari is more about emotion and the connection between the top and bottom, and here there was clearly a connection, that from my 4 foot distance felt electric.  Due to the nature of rope tying, Gabriel had to be intimately close to Ángelita, had to tie knots between her breasts and then pull snugly, each time doing so eliciting sighs or moans of pleasure from her. A few times he had to pull her close to command a tighter hold with the ropes, and it was clear that as he did so he whispered things to her, guiding her, getting to know her.  From where I sat I could swear she was close to orgasm from the sheer expression on her face and the sounds she made, and at one point she opened her eyes and looked at me.  I just blinked and smiled slightly, since this experience was having its own effect on me.  Nearing the end Gabriel must have said something to her that taunted her about being somewhat helpless since she was tied up because she said “Yeah, but I can still kick your ass”.  This got her, to her increased pleasure, placed on her stomach, her ankles tied together, and then that rope hooked to the rope that already crossed her back, so that her body was now arced, truly rendering her defenseless, and utterly enthralled.

After a few minutes in that somehow joyful helplessness, he gently  untied her, and Ángelita arose a little unsteady–and hungry, maybe voracious for something more that could finish what had been started within her.

Gabriel asked me if I wanted a turn.  I did.  But we had a long drive home, things to talk about, time to unwind.

As we started out on our long ride home I realized I was missing an answer.  “Was that the first time you’ve been bound?” I asked her.

“It’s the first time I have been bound by a stranger”.  She paused.  “And I am so glad I said yes to that experience.”  A deep sigh, smiles on either side of the front seat.  Hungry indeed.