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By Mezmerelda

I’ve been traveling a lot, and I haven’t been able to go to anything kink.  Since I only just got into covering this kind of thing I was surprised how much I felt the itch.  Course traveling and no kink shows meant I was not only missing getting visually stimulated (at least), but I also wasn’t writing which is clearly the opposite of what I am supposed to be doing.  So it was time to get creative on the source of my articles/interviews.  I hung out on various sites to see if I could have a discussion on the maybe less exciting of sexual escapades – the three-some (this time I am tackling two women/one man).  No amount of shyness on this topic since it happens more than you might think.  Not just the rich, good-looking and famous get this kind of love.  Since I got a lot of feed-back I had to have several mini chats to get what I thought might be a more meaningful story.  What I mean by that is that I didn’t want to interview women who decided on a semi-drunken night to delight some guy they decided deserved it.  While that might have its own kind of story, I wanted a little more this time.  Regular debauchery I will have to ease myself into, so it’s a story for later.  Anyway, I came across Dahlia, a girl who had bounced around a few times with the same couple, so I thought her story could be better.

I waited for her at the college campus bench and looked around, watched summer students, trees bend in the tiny but brave breeze.  I have decided to always be the first one at an interview because it gives the chance of a longer observance of a person’s manners, expression, etcetera, and I guessed correctly when a confident looking girl with long dark hair walked purposefully towards me, a smile on her face.  She was dressed in jeans, flip-flops and a mid-riff revealing shirt, simple but flattering.  She was, from what I could tell with her eyes shaded by glasses, beautiful.  But I guess youth in and of itself is beautiful.

We got the introductions out of the way and then walked to a nearby tree that provided the shade we wanted.

Mezmerelda:  What made you want to be the third wheel of a standing couple?

Dahlia:  Wow.  That doesn’t make it sound like a lot of fun (laughs).  They are a couple of my closest friends.  We went out one night to a club and Ginger asked me if I’d ever slept with another woman.  Which I have.  A few anyway.  Then she asked me if I’d consider fucking her and her husband.  Maybe she was a little more delicate than that, but the deed is what it is no matter how you wrap it.

Mez:  You said yes.

Dahlia: Obviously, or we wouldn’t be here talking.

Mez:  Sorry.  How was it arranged?

Dahlia:  Was later that same night.  We just left early.  No one was drunk.  By the way, her husband is HOT.  I have a kind of thing for him, always have, even when I was going out with one of his friends.  Or maybe that’s why, can’t really remember.  He is not hot in the obvious looks kind of way, though still cute.  He is just drop dead sexy/sexual/yes of course I want to fuck your husband.

Mez:  What about your attraction to Ginger?

Dahlia: Existed sort of, but thinking about it enhanced it.  She did not do it for me for more than this, but that sounds mean, but you can’t help what gets you turned on, you know?  I was into this for the experience, for the chance to have good sex because I never had it.  Or have it.  Sex is not as good as it should be, but I had a very good feeling my friends would know what they were doing and that is hot right there.  And attractive.

Mez;  I know you’re young, but you seem old enough by now to have had at least some good in and out, or oral or something.

Dahlia:  Well, you said it.  I’m young which means so are the men I’ve been with and they haven’t had time to figure it out, or they are so possessed with their own getting off they can’t help you out even if they want to.

Her wisdom was out-tiring mine.

Mez:  OK, so how was it?

Dahlia – Pretty fucking intense.  He has a big dick.  They looked at me a lot, looked like they knew they were giving me almost as much of a gift as I was giving them.  I could feel her pleasure as she watched him fuck me and that was also a turn-on.  And when she wasn’t watching me she was licking me elsewhere, all over.  The overwhelming feel of multiple hands and lips on me during the whole thing was shattering, so fucking shattering.  I got more into it.  I looked at Robert as he watched me and fucked me and even though I can’t come with intercourse (yet), I made it seem like I was.  That was the first time, and then the next time we dropped acid and that was more intense, but also more weirdly meaningful.

Mez:  What does that mean?

Dahlia:  Please don’t print this…Nevermind….or this wasn’t that long ago, a month I think.  I was still seeing Jason, Robert’s good friend, and I slept over of course.  Well Jason showed up the next morning.  He stops by a lot like that because he gets high with them.    Robert had to make something up while I was in the bathroom hiding, slightly weird.  But I’m getting off track.  That part was funny.  The stupid feelings started to get involved is the problem.

Mez:  Your feelings for Robert?

She looked away, not troubled but not happy.  “I care about them.  Ginger too even though I hate her jealousy.  If you fucking ask another chick to fuck your husband you are not allowed to be pissy or jealous.

Mez – Not sure there’s a rule book on that but I get what you mean.

Dahlia:  It’s just that I go over their place a lot, mostly just to hang and have some beers, but if Robert looks at me a fraction longer than Ginger wants him to he gets in trouble and I get some kind of cold shoulder from her.

Mez:  How many times have you danced this dance?

Dahlia:  Four times now.  The last time he watched me go down on her, which I’d done before but not quite like this.  We dressed for it, laced up, delicate, almost ignoring him.  As if he minded (laughs).  She was lit with it, with me and how much she was liking it.

Mez – So you enabled a freakishly good orgasm for her?

Dahlia:  Well, sure, but it doesn’t really matter and then we had to talk about it the next day.

Mez:  Talk about it?

Dahlia:  Well, we’re friends so we talk about shit, and obviously Robert, being the guy that he is, had a little ego re-building to do, like “well you know exactly where to put your tongue since that’s your anatomy, etc.”.  He’s right but he got off.  And still I did not.

“Mez:  You didn’t?  Why?

Dahlia:  Because I’m good at pretending, of living in a good but maybe half fake moment just to see people I care about get to where they want to go.

Mez:  So you got them there.

Dhalia:   Mmm.  They’re there, they like to look at me with and without clothing and we are good friends, now and always.  I think.

Mez:  Gotta say here Dahlia, you don’t look like a happy sex goddess or anything, despite his ferocious sexuality and come hither dick.

At this point, Dahlia looked up at me, a weird and daring look in her eyes almost daring me to figure it out, whatever it is I couldn’t.  “We are not strangers, which is something I want to try.  We can’t all fit in their bed so I have the guest room after we’re done with the raunch.  That is not a great feeling at night if you’re buzzed, and it is really crap in the morning when you might be a little hung-over, if it’s light out, when you are not waking next to someone.  Yeah you have breakfast together, and there are light touches, caresses and soft kisses, but the line is there.

She looked over at me and smiled.  “I sound a little poetic or pathetic I guess.”

I have pictured her story so far so I don’t think so.  “No.”

Dahlia:  I think it’s not over, because I know how I feel about him, which makes it sound even worse.  Oh, this poor idiot of a girl went and fell in love with her married fuck buddy, and she should have known that might happen.  What I did not tell you is that I told him I loved him.

Mez:  Oh.

Dahlia:  Yeah, oh.  Obviously, she does not know and he won’t tell her.  I would be a liar if I said I have not enjoyed any of this so far, and it is “so far” because I’m not done and can’t be just yet, but I am not sure I would say yes if someone turned back the clock.  I like the sex, the pretty clothes and the two acid nights so far, but I am getting a little tired.  It can be lonely, and even though I am a decent looking chick (understatement), it is not enough in the face of committed friends who you don’t want to hurt.

Mez:  I guess I can’t disagree with that.  How are you going to exit?

Dahlia:  Dunno.  I do know that I am going to find some good-looking strangers, and figure it out and learn things and for tits’ sake teach things.  I would like not to be the only one who can get me off.  I think I’d like to be with two men next.  And then maybe seventeen.  And then maybe something real.

Mez:  Seventeen?

Dahlia:  Well no, at least not at once.

She winks and smiles but the wink is not without acknowledged irony.

I didn’t really know what to think of her, other than I believed everything.  None of it was wild enough for me to think otherwise.  We talked for a while about the rest of college life and for a change I did not get nostalgic.  I knew there was more to cover, but I would get no more from Dahlia.  As I said, next time I’ll stick to the smuttier, less storied fun.  Don’t get me wrong, Dahlia’s story isn’t sad, and she is just at the beginning of her sexual journey, but I remember those days not long ago, and they are not easy ones.