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By Mezmerelda


Even if some subjects that fall into Erotica don’t get you going or turn you on, they will typically interest you, or question human nature some more.  But some subjects are interesting and fun, and this is one that just makes me smile.   As always, half my adventure is finding people that will talk to me.  Whereas experiencing a happy ending from a masseuse is by no means weird, it’s still sex and not exactly legal (happy ending definition).  Luck was on my side this time because a friend of mine mentioned she knew someone who frequented massage parlors and had some experiences he would probably share with me.  So I met Adrian in Florida, locationally about 3/4 ways down and not coastal, but that’s irrelevant.  This town is like many in the US, and there is a handy site (pun friendly topic too) called rubmaps.com that will help you find that special massage regardless of where you live.  It might be slightly harder if you are female, but I am working on that piece of education.

Adrian and I met in a coffee shop, a pretty noisy one really, and I’ll tell you I had no preconception as to what he’d look like.  I think getting one’s cock nicely stroked is a common wish among men so it could have been a 16 year old scientist, a 45 year old architect or 70 year old cobbler.  So no surprise Adrian was a cute blond in his mid to late twenties wearing sweats and work boots, and smiling when I met him.

We sat down after grabbing a too late in the afternoon cup of coffee on a Friday afternoon and I mentally justified a cocktail later in the evening to tame the caffeine.

M: “So how did you find out about these places?”

A: “Well I work in the blue collar field and guys talk, you know there’s a lot of swearing and talk about sex.  So I heard about these websites from some of the guys that used them – like backpage.com or rubmaps.com”  This was a funny name in my mind so I laughed.  “Rubmaps is great because it tells you the location of a place that will give you a massage with a happy ending and even rate it for things like cleanliness, quality of service, price, parking…everything.  Plus it’s all over.  You just punch in your zip code or town, and you get a full list.”

M: “But how do you approach the place or situation so they do what you want, because obviously you could be a cop…”

A: “I’ve been like a dozen times and every time it’s different.  Sometimes you can tell the way they touch you…they might give a tickling massage or something and if my body responds like I like it then they know to go on.  Or sometimes I might –you always start out lying on your stomach–so I might raise my butt up just a bit or maybe stroke her leg, see if she likes that.”

M: “What is the best experience you’ve had so far?”

A: “This one time I went in, and as usual I didn’t really know what or how it was going to happen, and honestly that’s really the best part of the experience.  The build up.  The getting in my car, knowing I’m going to get a massage, not knowing whether or not I will get a happy ending, how it will or won’t happen.  You know what I mean?”  I nodded.  “Anyway, so she never really gave me a regular massage at all.  She started light tickling, and then playing with my lower area even though I was on my stomach.  Obviously, I was turned on, and then when I rolled onto my back she just started sucking on my penis”.  I agreed that was a lucky turn of events.  He continued. “I almost think she might have been using me in a way, like she got off on doing that or something.”

M:  “Something tells me you both enjoyed it.”  We laugh.

A:  “The only thing that can be frustrating is not being able to last as long as I’d like, to enjoy the experience longer.  I’ve tried again and again but they have these lotions and oils, I’m already very excited just to be there…”

M:  “Well they’re professionals.  Very good at what they do.”

A:  “I’ve also used backpage.com a couple of times.  It’s an escort service for hookers.  But it’s a little sketchier because you have to meet them in a hotel, you’re not sure of what you’ll find.  I mean you’re doing something illegal, right?  I get there and we talk for a few minutes about the terms–what does she charge, what are her boundaries, how long, stuff like that.  It’s also another situation where the best part of the experience is the build up the adrenalin and all that, but there’s also another possibility to climax too early.   One time a buddy of mine did that, like in the first 5 minutes–he uses the service all the time–and even though it was supposed to be a half hour visit, she said “OK, that’s it”.

M:  “That doesn’t seem fair.  Maybe that should be part of your terms discussion in the future.”  Adrian laughs with me, agreeing.

M:  “What do you know about females getting a similar service?”

A:  “I don’t know of any female that has looked for something like this.  I mean would she ask for a female or male?”  A moment of silence while we both pondered this and came up with our own respective answers.

A:  “You can also get two women to massage you and get a happy ending.  This is called a “four hand massage”.  You just call and ask if they provide this, and just asking for that type of service gives them a clue of what you are looking for.”

M: “Have you ever visited a place that was supposed to provide a happy ending but you didn’t get one?”

A:  “Sure.  It’s like “well I guess I gotta write this one off””.

M: “Do you ever say anything to…”

A:  “Of course…hey what about…and make a facial gesture or question.  And they say nope, sorry.  Just means they didn’t get the right vibe.  Happens sometimes.  The other thing is I’ve never had to pay for it, or pay extra for it.  I pay for a massage and then leave a good tip.”

We talked about the risk of getting caught, of the fact some of the parlors had closed down recently in the area.

A:  “The thing is, it’s never the girl or the person visiting for a rub and tug that get’s busted.  It’s always the owner.  I’ve checked out a few shut-downs and that’s always the case, not sure why”.

We changed the topic slightly and he mentioned not having tried a threesome, and that was a wish of his but that he wanted to find it “for real” and not a paid service so I wished him luck and patience.  I considered this a Friday afternoon well spent and thanked him.

A: “Hey, stay in touch.  And don’t forget to tell me if you visit one of those parlors and what happens.”

M: “I won’t.”

A: “Oh and call me if you need a plumber”.