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: Narcissa-Christine: Lyons.

[I have not dared to nod my head or tip my hat for a while, not for lack of wishing to, but for other ties that bind and pull.  More immediate, less frivolous, and for me to use the word frivolous anywhere near the word writing is almighty insane.  Looking in the doorway of this blog I can see it is dusty, creaky.  If my site could make a sound it would be that of stepping on attic floorboards in the heat of summer, not an unpleasant sound, but weighty in meaning.  The things that are housed in an attic, the relics of past existences, lost hopes and dreams realized.  And some things just forgotten and destined to remain so.

But I can’t afford to be romantic in this conveyance, since you all realize it’s been a very weird couple of years. I have been busy absorbing, deciphering, and, in the end, understanding why I was born, a startlingly late observation given the grays on my head, but no less stunning because of it.  I will talk about that one day, maybe the next article or the one after that, but today’s writing is more to do with spreading awareness on our ever changing, milking skies.  What it means.  What falls from it.  Why it is no longer wise to look up during a warm summer pour with open mouthed joy.

I was driving home from work one day in August of 2019, and the sunset that I faced was nothing short of astounding.  I had never seen a sky so colorful, dazzling, jaw dropping really.  I imagined that this is what a sunset must look like in one of those places on earth known for such things, because New England is known for many beautiful things, but sunsets is not one of them.  It elated me.  It made me feel some kind of ascension and calmness, and I hummed for a few hours even after that while making dinner and putzing around for the evening, the sunset in the back of my mind consciously or unconsciously.

I felt a shift occur over the next few months because I started seeing a LOT of beautiful, stunning sunsets—to the point I noted it out loud to friends occasionally.  “You guys notice the sunsets have been exceptionally beautiful over the last few months?”  I don’t recall answers, but I knew I was asking for a gnawing reason, even if it was casual.  Until that summer/fall, I had been one of the least observant people I knew, enough that I had a reputation for it.  Let’s just say it was not a tough endeavor to plan a surprise party for me.  So I have the sunsets to thank (or curse, as the case may be) for completely altering that aspect of my personality.  I notice.

The continuing prettification of my New England skies meandered my mind enough to register a past word I had heard to which I had paid little heed: “Chemtrails”.  I realize some of you know what those are, even if only conceptually, but I started to delve into it because I did not trust what was above me any longer.  When something does not make sense, or has changed inexplicably, it prompts the inquisitive to check it out, and I started to do so.

Geoengineering is a thing–you can study it in college, and that is the scientific term for what planes have been doing to our skies globally for decades.  It was not that noticeable before, but after the initiation of Covid in 2020, the amount of trails increased dramatically.  I am no scientist, but I very easily recognize the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail.  A contrail is comprised of water vapor or ice crystals and is left behind sometimes by jets in higher altitudes, are fairly short, and usually dissipate within a minute.  A chemtrail is long and is made up of various chemicals, but most commonly a combination of barium, strontium and aluminum nano-particles (“Don’t Just Spray ‘Em, Barium”–perpetrating pilots’ slogan for which they actually have badges*).  Dane Wigington, an extremely dedicated activist in the field, has been battling this sky assault for decades, and you can learn much more at the site he began, geoengineeringwatch.org, and to get a very good understanding of the subject and how it’s been affecting nature as a whole over the years, I strongly suggest watching his documentary, The Dimming.  The change from a sometime spraying to now constant, was subtle enough that most people did not in fact notice, and many still have not.  We are a busy bunch, what with working, getting chores done, and then of course worrying about how not to die from some weird sickness that was so dire we had to shut down the world’s economy, other ensuing catastrophes be damned.  The sky was and is the last thing a person has time to look at anymore, really look at…unless you rely on it for your livelihood, or realize something is amiss.

Watch the skies.  Watch the water.  An age old piece of advice to heed, and now more so.  We are a part of the most phenomenal worldwide droughts and deluges in recent history.  Worldwide.  Droughts happen, heat happens, deluges of rain happen, and record colds.  What has happened over the last year or two, has not.  An unprecedented amount of tornadoes in the midwest, shivering temps for an extended period in Texas earlier this year.  Major snowfall in the southeast states debilitating highways–several times during the season.  Not the usual few flakes the weathermen can chuckle about because the south lacks plows, but the amount of snow that is dangerous, that strands people, that threatens more seriously getting home.  I hope they buy more plows as I suspect this winter may be no more kind.

Climate change, the buzz word doomfully uttered by all self-named and a few elected leaders, is a fact.  With a caveat.  It is climate changing.  The climate is not just changing on its own.  Do we humans add a degree of nuisance with our footprint? Sure (actually only 7% of total carbon footprint even with nearly 8 billion people).  Pollution from factories?  OK.  But that is tiny compared to the barium, strontium, and nano-particle aluminum with which we are being sprayed, and you can now find in soils at the top of the mountains, where no such particles belong.  Of course aluminum exists in nature–but not in nano-particle form.  And the shit stains that are trying to impose ridiculous emissions limitations on the world’s population, shove us into electric cars that are no better for the earth than gas powered, stop us from eating farting cows, are the ones creating it.  If you know this already, please get busy helping me spread the not-so-news.  If you don’t, or if you are reading this with a dubious expression, read on.

Weather does not this immediately deteriorate.  Nature, weather–natural weather–does not happen as it has been this last year.  Not in our lifetime or ever.  Constant whipped up winds in an area of the country that experiences them occasionally is not natural.  102 degrees in the middle of winter in California DOES NOT HAPPEN.  But it did.  Our ability to grow food is being limited, as is our access to plentiful water.   Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the country has dried up enough to have revealed not just one, not just two, but four sets of human body remains, and there is a crisis on the diminishing Colorado River.   The fact that the drought is hitting so much of the planet is yet another anomaly. Sudden same weather pattern is not a natural thing, nor has it ever been.  We are geographically different and are affected by different weather disasters of many kinds, but not at the damn same time, and in some cases not ever.  Ireland, of all places, has 32 water sources in severe drought, and has been plagued with wildfires.  As I write this, Breakheart Reservation in the towns next to me, has already lost 20 acres to wild fires, the smell looming in the streets.  I’ve been here several decades and that has never been a risk, let alone an event, but when I look at the brownest grass I have ever seen on my front lawn,  I am not shocked.  While many nations are being this way struck, others are over-sodden with endless wash-the-crops-away rains.  There is no in-between.

The geoengineering of our skies has been admitted by various nations, because, you see, they need to help with curbing the sun’s rays, and the ever-increasing heat it is emanating, and this program is “Solar Radiation Management” or SRM.  As these poisonous trails expand (not dissipate like contrails), the claim is that they will deflect the rays, and lessen the damaging effects.  Uh huh.

A necessary and related aside.  Those of you not yet aware of Agenda 2030, formerly Agenda 21, being spearheaded by the lunatics of the World Economic Forum, should start taking a serious look at what is in store for us if we do not stop this madness.  Why would there be a large, global, exceptionally well coordinated attempt to control our weather the naysayers ask? HOW could this kind of a large scale execution be this coordinated?  Two large truths:  time and money.  The orchestration began decades ago, at least 40 years, and is backed, as you guessed it, by big tech and and a vast array of very large companies that cover the full spectrum of what we purchase.  A good synopsis that takes a worth-it hour is here, informing well on the relationship of money, the investment companies and families behind it, large corporations and media. The culmination of the various damages being perpetrated on human beings (Covid malarkey, economic ruin, increasing crime, depletion of key personnel in the military and health care industries, intentional deterioration of education, list goes on) is the playing out of their well funded desire to control the population, albeit a vastly diminished population.    This isn’t easy to accept if you don’t already know it, and I am not saying there aren’t wild stories out there that are fantasies from the paranoid, but there are truths in between, and all you need to do is look up, look around, hear the threat of war, the now constant roster of next new diseases, etc., to comprehend that things are just. not. right.

They have other tenets only a bit less horrific, but all towards their goal of controlling the entire population. “You will own nothing and be happy,”  a quaint motto of theirs they actually advertise, included in this short Australian news clip, but also readily accessible on line.  The best and most efficient way to control people is controlling food and water, plain and simple, and weather modification gets to that end quite efficiently.   Many reading might wonder why they have not read of this before and why would this not be being broadcast far and wide?  A lot of you know the answer already, given the desperate acts of censorship, deletion, cancelling, “disinformation” negation, and the now endless propaganda of why we all need to kneel to the “green” effort, which is anything but.  Most major media, social forums like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and platforms like Google, ad infinitum, are all owned by those completely on board with the World Economic Forum agenda.  There is money in it.  Ridiculous money.  Build back better, my ass.  They won’t tell you about what they are doing until you won’t be able to turn it around, and then you’ll just be carbon taxed for the foulness you contribute.

I am not suggesting panic.  Doesn’t do any good and it’s bad for the soul.  I am suggesting you talk about this and fight it, share information any way you can as often as you sanely can.  Even if you are not comfortable sharing information online, talk about it with your friends and family, act locally.  Get it out there.  This presupposes you have believed this truth and exactly what it means for humanity–I hope so, but don’t just listen to me….go to the sites I recommended and others.  Look up at the skies. Our once occasionally piercing blue skies.

Do all those involved (pilots, airplane chemical cannister loaders, administration, etc.) know they are contributing to their own demise?  I suspect it’s a mixture.  Maybe the men in the picture below don’t know, believing I guess that they are helping to curb harm from the sun.  And military related exercises and jobs are commonly compartmentalized so that a person is only working on a piece of what is a much larger puzzle – for security – and to prompt that person to continue because not all puzzles fit together to form something harmless.   But how long do you witness the crisping and evaporation of that which you spray from above without realizing that you are in fact the problem.  No amount of money will help these pilots live in the chaos that will become if they are successful. And please don’t make the assumption that only the US Army is involved because of the picture below.  This is NATO, private contractors, a global effort by many pilots, all of them still to be identified.  The thing is, all these pilots have parents and families.  If enough of the world learns of this, families of pilots might just ask some questions, start a conversation, get angry…..you get the idea.  Contact your legislatures, call the EPA, talk to your town’s climate board they now all have, use your network.  Whatever and everything.  Once you get a rock to dance, you get an avalanche…If you want to take back our weather, and therefore our freedom to feed ourselves and breathe clean air, start talking.  Start shouting.]

[In all this, remain steadfast, kind and loving to your fellow man.  Love yourself.  It’s a strange, strange life, and we can’t fix it with bravery alone.  Wear the armor of God and be light itself.]

[As Always, Be Thee Well.]


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